Accelerating Edge Deployments

  • Deploy a private mobile network in 60 mins! 

  • We provide leading enterprises and developers with the freedom to uncover endless possibilities through edge connectivity.

  • The Alef Edge API Platform abstracts mobile network complexity by eliminating CAPEX investment and enabling enterprises to deploy private mobile networks that future proof for next generation applications.

  • Private mobile networks, powered by the edge, are essential to digital transformation.

  • This connectivity provides the foundation for you to access a suite of APIs.
  • The current industry solutions are siloed and offer no flexibility of vendor stack nor address the need for mobility. ALEF is AGNOSTIC - ANY-G, ANY-HW, ANY-RAN, ANY-EPC, etc.

Who Is Alef?

Alef is the first Edge API Platform company that give enterprises the independence to create, customize, and control their own private network infrastructure, in less than 60 minutes. Its flagship Mobile Network as a Service product removes long deployment times and the complexity of working with mobile network operators. Alef simplifies edge computing through open APIs that unleash the massive power of the edge internet economy.