It’s time to future-proof your network. 

Enterprises get all of the benefits of owning their own private network with none of the headache. 

From large campuses with Wi-Fi interference to legacy network providers that are notoriously expensive and slow to deploy, learn why you should deploy a private mobile network.

Edge architecture allows your business to become more actionable and improve data driven decision-making. Edge technologies are projected to see the record investment increase in 2022 - prepare your business for edge computing now. 


  • Speed to activate in 60 minutes
  • Control of network at a fraction of the cost due to our near-prem solution
  • Secure users via eSIM authentication and applications authorization
  • Pay for usage with consumption pricing 

Alef is the first Edge API platform company that empowers enterprises to create, customize, and control their own private mobile network. Unleash the massive power of the edge internet economy. 

Alef is headquartered in New York City with offices in India.